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    To understand what is multi line slots, you have to explain what is a pay line online slots you first. A Pay Line is a line on which must appear a certain combination of winning symbols to win. In most cases, this is a horizontal line in the middle of your screen.

    So you win only if a winning symbol combination on this Pay Line appears. Multi Line Slots is nothing more than normal slots, only with more than one pay line. Pay Lines in Multi Hand slots can not only horizontally but also vertically and crop up throughout exotic patterns

    As you play the multi-hand slots with multiple pay lines, arising automatically more chances to win for you, as in the classic slots with only one pay line. Therefore, multi-hand versions are now standard in the online casinos. These machines allow the greatest gains and are therefore the most popular among the players.

    The number of pay lines in multi line slots can vary greatly. Most providers give you the choice between 3 and 100 Pay Lines. The online casinos offer a wide range of different models, so you can choose the number as a player that best fits his style of play.

    When playing machines on multi-line slots, you can of course determine the number of played Pay Line. If a machine ie 50 Pay Lines offers, you can still select the desired number of pay lines, so no need to play with all 50 simultaneously.

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