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    Posted by admin on Monday 19 May 2014 at 10:08 am


    Among the most famous and successful slot on the market we can not forget the slot machine Fowl Play Gold is able to offer rich bonuses to its players with the golden eggs : it is no coincidence was renamed as sl0t machine Egg Chicken d ‘ gold . Upper important feature of this game are the different tricks that you can exploit. Let’s find out what they are and how to overcome the many bonuses offered by the slot machine hen that lays golden eggs .

    Before you see those specific remember to visit the article where we give some good technique to win at slot Sphinx .

    As mentioned above , the slot machine hen that lays golden eggs is one of his tricks of the main features of the game. . Their correct application allows you to significantly increase your winnings before you see which are the most interesting tricks slot machine hen you remember to make sure that the game is actually loaded, and verify that the version you are using is the V125 or V136 . Do not forget to try all the casino games at William Hill !

    Cheat slot machines Hen : doubling

    It starts by inserting two coins : one from a euro , and the other 50 cents. Play then immediately with the episode 100 : In case of loss remains with only 50 cents. Also, if the machine does not give change is recommended that you leave to avoid pushing Hold4 to download it. What occurred , pointing now to bet 50 and keep the hens laid the golden egg .

    At this point when you are allowed to bet you can play normally even bet 100 and 200 : your aim now to use the trick of doubling the slot machine hen is to get to 51 euro . When you reach this amount, you have to change the bet to 0.50ce access the screen by doubling the Hold button and hold it down until our power will not reach the figure of 82 € .

    Exit from the screen of the doubling time , and raises the bet to 400 . The crucial moment of the doubling trick is this , because you will need to ensure you select combinations as having a value of 100 euro , the only ones able to afford after unloading a new sequence from 51 EUR with which to repeat the operation. This event does not happen often : you will need to have patience and then return to repeat the initial sequence .

    Other tricks slot Hen : haystack and bonuses

    The trick of the haystack actually uses a supposed bug in the slot machine hen that lays golden eggs . Then try to deselect the symbols of the haystack when you light up : at this point the payout increase and the error of the system could easily afford to win. Another of the tricks slot machine bonus regards the golden egg . Remember indeed to press all the buttons at the same time when choosing the goose that lays the egg : instead of one of them, you may be able to automatically win the top prize expected. Do you understand how to do so to win tricks with the slot machine hen that lays golden eggs ? Stay on the pages of our blog. Here you can find news about the world of online casinos, and news of fantastic bonuses offered. But first , go directly to the inscription is free and you can play all casino games !