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    Slots are extremely simple. When you sit in a casino, you just have to just throw a coin into the machine and off you go. The amount of profit depends on the size of the bet. Say, the more you put, the more you can win.

    After you have inserted your coins, you pull the lever and the wheels begin to turn in itself. The wheels turn and when they stop, they represent a combination dar. Either you have won or not.

    You can also see horizontal lines on the dispaly in a certain combination for a profit you need in the middle, called the payline.

    Note: While the payline is usually in the middle, you sometimes win and the other slots in the other lines. So always read the respective rules.
    If you hit a winning combination, the money will be paid into your account and slot machines you can either continue playing or quit and cash out you. This applies to video slots and online slots; the traditional slots you get your winnings immediately.

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