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    The slot myths reveal is essential if you want to increase your chances, because you could be misled by them and sher lose a lot of money.

    Myth: If a slot machine has is no longer being paid, she is “hot”, ie they will pay off soon.
    Fact: Each round is completely independent from each other. If a jackpot has not been cracked for months, it does not mean that he is soon cracked.

    Myth: Slot machines have a profit cycle. There is always at a specific time or when a win lot of money has been paid paid.
    Fact: This is completely wrong, the reason is the same as above described.

    Myth: In a real casino, you can influence the outcome of a certain way when pulling the lever.
    Fact: Modern real casinos function just like the online slots. Say there is a random number generator. A particular pulling the lever has no effect.
    Myth: casinos change the odds while people play.
    Fact This is theoretically possible, but no one would risk because it is against the law. If you get caught, the casino is closed and there is a penalty of several million euros, Prison is even possible.

    These things is essential to understand if you want to win. If you’re interested in learning more tips and advice, read our other articles.

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