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    There are 3 major types of progressive slot machines or slot games. To know the exact difference between the two, is essential.

    Stand-alone progressive slots

    This is to machines or games that are not connected with other games or casinos. The jackpot is based on solely by the money deposited there. The odds of winning are here indeed higher, but the prices lower.

    In-house progressive slots

    In this case, the machines are connected to each other. Say the jackpot is formed from many different machines. Chances of winning are relatively small, but the jackpot can be huge.

    Progressive Slots networks

    A few casinos have connected their machines to form the biggest jackpot in history. The network may consist of hundreds or even thousands of machines exist. The gains can be astronomical here.

    Tip: If you’re satisfied with regular profits, you should play the regular slot game. If you do not care but fewer opportunities, you should definitely try progressive slots. Because here you can become a millionaire with a wink.
    There is also no way to win guaranteed. You should look at just remember the key elements of the game to increase the profit potential. Read our additional item, if you should find out more.

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