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    Posted under Uncategorized by admin on Thursday 29 May 2014 at 6:01 am

    A video slot machine is really nothing more than a normal slot machine. Only that there are no moving parts, but the result is created by software. Casinos have taken these slots because you can not cheat and they provide exact profit percentages.

    To play video slots, you just have to throw in a certain sum, and pull the lever. A few people say that the way how the lever pulls an impact on the result has. This is absolute bullshit. In classic slots that may eventually agree (you can not influence the exact symbols), but the video slots that does not matter, because a software decides the outcome.

    In video slots the result is displayed on a screen, almost like a computer. It still looks spinning wheels, but those are Ledegem animations and the result comes from a random number generator.

    Prior to play, you have to first time deposit a certain amount and as in the classic slots depends on the level of this amount from your income. The amount has nothing to do with your chances of winning.

    Note: Like normal slots are video slots a gamble and therefore there is no clear strategy or special ability that can help you.

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