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Casino Bonuses bestow riches

Online casinos bestow the punters with varied forms of casino bonuses. Wagering is counted among the top rated source of earnings and entertainment in Europe. Casinos have a deep rooted history and are still booming high with many enticing activities. The brick & mortar casinos have so far successfully attracted customers with the glamorous ambience, fun filled aura and gaming variants. Not only the novices but a proficient bettor also finds these extra bits of favour as alluring.

Glimpse of Casino Bonuses:
Don’t get puzzled with the flashing screen, colourful pop ups and rolling banners the first time you visit an online casino. We have come up with a synopsis to help your way out for smooth and healthy winnings. Take a look: No- Deposit Bonus: Laid out as a welcome gesture, this bonus is a blessing in disguise not only for the beginners but also for the regular goers who can try their hands on the site’s performance, trustworthiness, games offered and overall look and feel. Online casinos have done justice to this magnificent casino bonus’s name by actually giving out free money without asking for any deposit. Thereby, also known as “Welcome Bonus”. Once satisfied, such casino bonuses on actually encourage gamblers to deposit and play more.

First Deposit Bonus: Very strategically designed, this casino bonus is granted when a punter makes first deposit on an online casino site. Recognised as “First Deposit Bonus”, the casino provider matches your deposit up to some percentage in turn raising your earnings manifold. Sometimes casinos are generous enough to provide 100% match-up bonus. Though restrictions are also imposed to wager some minimum amount before actual withdrawal can be done. This match bonus is further applied in succession to the second and third deposits in varying percentages.

Referral Bonus: Sharing your gaming experience also gets rewarded beautifully. You refer a friend and he gets entitled to all the sign-up casino bonuses and in addition to that the referrer also gets incentives for bringing in the new customers.

Cash Back Bonus: Casino providers at times are so liberal in their gaming giveaways that they even bear your losses from the previous gaming session by offering a certain amount of cash back.

Lucrative Promotional Bonuses: Casino entertainment is half done without celebrations and acknowledgments. All the major sport seasons, festivals, social events and even the weekends are well accounted for and made productive by offering many promotional offers, tickets to tournaments, free spins, extra bingo tickets and many such casino bonuses. Apart from these, other casino bonuses that are seen floating these days are membership- renewal bonus, special deposit mechanism bonus that pays off on using a preferred payment mode.

Loyalty Bonus: The more you wager with a cherished casino bonuses the more you are paid off. You are rewarded with some loyalty bonus points which define your level on the status ladder. The higher you reach in the ladder; better percentage is paid out with extra benefits each time. Marvellous riches are pocketed on achieving the VIP status.

The whole concept of casino bonuses is to attract new customers, retain existing ones and to delight the players with buckets full of booty. Even a proficient is advised to thoroughly go through all the terms and conditions, wagering requirements and payouts terms before availing them. Here’s wishing you a happy and happening wagering!